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for the History of Ideas

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An Invitation to the World of Russian Christianities
Igor Mikeshin    7


Znamenny Chant as a Symbol of Orthopraxy in the Russian Orthodox Church (the Cases of Moscow and St. Petersburg Parishes)
Margarita Chubukova    16

Orthodox Christianity in the Islamic Context of Post-Soviet Uzbekistan: Religious Consciousness and Traditions
Yulia Tsyryapkina    47

Christian Samizdat on Religious Seeking of the Soviet Countercultural Youth in the 1970s to mid-1980s 
Irina Gordeeva    79


Invisible Pastorship under Persecutions: Women in Evangelical Communities of Post-War USSR 
Nadezhda Beliakova, Ekaterina Mironova    108

Soviet Pentecostals: The Exclusivity of the Excluded 
Vera Kliueva    132

A Minority within a Minority: Russian Evangelicals in Finland Negotiating Their Identity and Establishing Their Presence in Society
Tatiana Krihtova, Maija Penttilä    156


"Almost Orthodox": Religious Self-Identification of Transcaucasian Doukhobors in the Post-Soviet Context
Svetlana Tambovtseva    181

The Rational and Magical in the Missionary Projects of Traditionalist Roman Catholics of Russia
Ekaterina Khonineva    213

Notes on Contributors    244

Краткое содержание на русском языке    247
ISBN 978-5-907223-79-0
Eight Essays on Russian Christianities / Edited by Igor Mikeshin. Saint Petersburg: Saint Petersburg Center for the History of Ideas; Politekhnika Service, 2020. 260 p.

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